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see transliteration of Ancient Egyptian for a list of single-phoneme hieroglyphs.
Gardiner's Sign List is a list of common Egyptian hieroglyphs compiled by Sir Alan Gardiner. It is considered a standard reference in the study of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Gardiner lists only the most common forms of Egyptian hieroglyphs, but he includes extensive subcategories, and also both vertical and horizontal forms for many hieroglyphs. He includes size-variation forms to aid with the reading of hieroglyphs in running blocks of text. (The Budge Reference has about 1000 hieroglyphs listed in 50 pages, but with no size varieties.)
Other subcategories included by Gardiner are abbreviations and personalized forms, and also a complete subset, used on papyrus, specifically for the Book of the Dead.

A. Man and his Occupations
Expected quantity: 7

B. Woman and her Occupations
Further information: Egyptian pantheon
Expected quantity: 9

C. Anthropomorphic Deities
Expected quantity: 63

D. Parts of the Human Body
Expected quantity: 34

E. Mammals
Expected quantity: 52

F. Parts of Mammals
Expected quantity: 54

Gardiner's Sign List G. Birds
Expected quantity: 8

H. Parts of Birds
Expected quantity: 15

I. Amphibious Animals, Reptiles, etc.
Expected quantity: 7

K. Fishes and Parts of Fishes
Expected quantity: 7

L. Invertebrates and Lesser Animals
Expected quantity: 44

M. Trees and Plants
Expected quantity: 42

N. Sky, Earth, Water
Expected quantity: 51

O. Buildings, Parts of Buildings, etc.
Expected quantity: 11

P. Ships and Parts of Ships
Expected quantity: 7

Q. Domestics and Funerary Furniture
Expected quantity: 25

R. Temple Furniture and Sacred Emblems
Expected quantity: 45

S. Crowns, Dress, Staves, etc.
Expected quantity: 35

T. Warfare, Hunting, Butchery
Expected quantity:

U. Agriculture, Crafts, and Professions
Expected quantity: 38

V. Rope, Fiber, Baskets, Bags, etc.
Expected quantity: 25

W. Vessels of Stone and Earthenware
Expected quantity: 8

Y. Writings, Games, Music
Expected quantity: 11

Aa. Unclassified

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Wilkinson, Richard. Reading Egyptian Art, A Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture, Richard H. Wilkinson, with 450 Illustrations, (Thames & Hudson Ltd, London), c 1992.

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