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Albert Sarraut
Albert-Pierre Sarraut (July 28, 1872 - November 26, 1962) was a French Radical politician, twice Prime Minister during the Third Republic.
Sarraut was born in Bordeaux, Gironde, France.
He was Governor-General of French Indochina, from 1912 to 1919.
Sarraut retired from politics after Petain dissolved the National Assembly in July 1940. He took control of the family newspaper, La Depeche de Toulouse, after the editor, his brother Maurice, was murdered by the Milice in 1943.
Sarraut died in Paris in 1962.

Sarraut's First Ministry, 26 October - 26 November 1933

Albert Sarraut - President of the Council and Minister of Marine
Albert Dalimier - Vice President of the Council and Minister of Justice
Joseph Paul-Boncour - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Édouard Daladier - Minister of War
Camille Chautemps - Minister of the Interior
Georges Bonnet - Minister of Finance
Abel Gardey - Minister of Budget
Eugène Frot - Minister of Labour and Social Security Provisions
Jacques Stern - Minister of Merchant Marine
Pierre Cot - Minister of Air
Anatole de Monzie - Minister of National Education
Hippolyte Ducos - Minister of Pensions
Henri Queuille - Minister of Agriculture
François Piétri - Minister of Colonies
Joseph Paganon - Minister of Public Works
Émile Lisbonne - Minister of Public Health
Jean Mistler - Minister of Posts, Telegraphs, and Telephones
Laurent Eynac - Minister of Commerce and Industry

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