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Pro-pedophile activism
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Pro-pedophile activism or Pro-paedophile activism (Commonwealth usage) encompasses pro-pedophile organizations and activists that argue for certain changes of criminal laws and cultural response concerning pedophiles. The obverse movement is anti-pedophile activism. Goals of pro-pedophile activism often include social acceptance of adults' romantic love and sexual attraction to children, social acceptance of sexual activity between adults and children, and changes in institutions of concern to pedophiles, such as changing age of consent laws or mental illness classifications.
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Debate Guide - "Arguments and counter arguments for the sexual emancipation of minors and minor attracted adults"
Puellula - An activist's personal site
Paedophilia - The Radical Case - Book by Tom O'Carroll
Age Taboo - "The place for young guys who like younger guys"
Clogo - A series of pro activist projects
"Boylove: Semantically Correct?"
Operation: Shutdown Puellula - Campaign which lobbies other websites to delist and unlink
Corporate Sex Offenders

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