Thursday, April 24, 2008

Besarabsky Market
Coordinates: 50°27′32″N, 30°31′5″E
The Besarabsky Market (Ukrainian: Бесарабський ринок, translit.: Besarabs'kyi rynok), also frequently called Besarabka (Ukrainian: Бесарабка) is an indoor market located in the center of Kiev at the south-west end of Khreshchatyk, the main and best known street of the city.
The market was built from 1910-1912 to the design of H. Hay.
The name of the market originates from Bessarabia, a region conquered by the Russian Empire during the Russo-Turkish Wars and now partially located at south-western Ukraine in the Odessa Oblast.
An architectural exteriour window of the market.
View of fruit stands inside the market.

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