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A list of henchmen from the 1971 James Bond film and novel Diamonds Are Forever from the List of James Bond henchmen.

Mister Wint and Mister Kidd
Mr. Wint and his partner Mr. Kidd are assassins working for Ernst Stavro Blofeld (it can be assumed, though the pair share no scenes with their employer). Their assignment is to kill everyone in the diamond-smuggling 'pipeline' that has been diverted to facilitate Blofeld's scheme to build a giant laser satellite. They are quite possibly psychotic, undoubtedly sadistic – photographing the body of the old lady (Mrs Whistler) they have drowned in the canals of Amsterdam, for example, and joking about sending the pictures to the primary-age children to whom she was the school teacher. They also use a large amount of proverbs (Example: Wint saying "If at first you don't succeed", followed by Kidd's reply "Try, try again Mister Wint.")
The two use numerous methods of killing their targets (or trying to), some highly creative:
Their final attempt to kill Bond and Case takes place on a cruise liner after Bond foils Blofeld's plot. They pose as stewards in the couple's suite, serving them a romantic dinner consisting of Oysters Andaluz, shashlik, tidbits, prime rib au jus and Salade Utopia. Dessert is Le Bombe Surprise - in the most literal sense, since a bomb is really hidden in it. However, Bond links the smell of Wint's cologne to his misadventure in the pipeline and quickly realizes that something is wrong. After tasting a glass of Mouton Rothschild '55, Bond casually remarks that he had expected a claret with such a grand dinner. When Mr. Wint replies that the cellars are unfortunately poorly stocked with clarets, Bond exposes the henchman's ignorance, sharply replying that Mouton Rothschild in fact is a claret.
Realizing Bond has blown their cover, the pair immediately turn against him. Mr. Kidd ignites the shashlik skewers, aiming to attack Bond while Mr. Wint strangles him. During the struggle, Bond first neutralizes Mr. Kidd by splashing Courvoisier on the flaming shashlik, setting Mr. Kidd on fire. Within seconds, he is engulfed in flames, and in desperation jumps overboard, apparently already dead as he hits the water. After Bond eliminates Mr. Kidd, Tiffany throws the dessert at Mr. Wint but she misses, and it reveals the bomb hidden in the bombe. When Wint is distracted by the sight of the bomb, Bond gains the upper hand against him, pulling the villain's coat-tails between his legs and tying his hands and the bomb together with them. Bond hoists Mr. Wint overboard, and the bomb explodes as he hits the water.
It is strongly implied in the film that the two are homosexual lovers, even holding hands in one scene. At one point in the film, Mr. Kidd remarks that Tiffany Case is attractive, only to receive a glare from Mr. Wint. Kidd then adds, "...for a lady". Mr. Wint can also be seen spraying himself with perfume (Bond later remarks that Wint smells like a "tart's handkerchief").
The archetype of the incredibly polite pair of villains has been parodied numerous times, as "Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb" in Codename: Kids Next Door, as "Mr. Touch and Mr. Go" in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and (to a far more ridiculous extent) the characters "Fat Man and Little Boy" in Sin City. Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere franchise are also an example, as are Mr. Pin and Mr. Tulip from Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Placing a scorpion down the shirt of a South African dentist.
Using a radio-controlled bomb to blow up a helicopter shortly after killing the dentist.
Sealing Bond in a coffin and sending him into a crematorium furnace. (In their dry style of humor, Kidd calls it "heart-warming", while Wint refers to it as a "glowing tribute").
Putting Bond into a length of pipeline to be buried in the desert outside Las Vegas.
Drenching Plenty O'Toole with her legs tied to a block of cement, in a swimming pool just deep enough to submerge her only up to the tip of her nose and by doing so, drowning her as slowly as possible. Film
In the novel, the duo have a less flamboyant role. As killers and "enforcers" to the Spangled Mob, it is their mission, among other things, to make sure the smuggling of the diamonds and everything connected to it go off without a hitch. If something does go wrong, Wint and Kidd (they are never referred to as "Mr." in the novels) are sent to "persuade" the perpetrators to never make a mistake again. They are obviously quite sadistic and give evidence of enjoying their jobs. This is particularly evident in a scene which Bond witnesses in a mud-bath, where they pour boiling mud over the face of a jockey who they believe has prevented a Mob-owned horse winning a race.
From London to New York City it is their job to tail whoever is smuggling the diamonds internationally to ensure that the smuggler doesn't get any ideas about going into business for himself. For this, the duo pose as American businessmen who call themselves "W. Winter" and "B. Kitteridge".
Although they are both hardened assassins, Wint is pathologically afraid of travel. When he does have to travel, he wears an identifying name tag and a sticker that says "My blood group is F". He also has to be paid a special bonus by his employers. Because of his phobia, Mr. Wint picked up the nickname "Windy" - although no one would dare call him that to his face. Kidd is nicknamed "Boofy." Felix Leiter suspects that they are both homosexual.
In a ghost town outside Las Vegas, the leading gangster, Seraffimo Spang, penetrates Bond's cover and orders Wint and Kidd to torture Bond to learn his true identity. Wint and Kidd then perform a "Brooklyn stomping," kicking Bond into unconsciousness while wearing football cleats, after which Tiffany Case helps him escape.
After they kidnap Tiffany on the Queen Elizabeth, Bond comes to her rescue by climbing down the side of the ship and diving into her cabin via the porthole. They have a fight, and Bond shoots them both. To avoid trouble, he then fakes evidence in the cabin to make it look like a murder-suicide.

List of James Bond henchmen in Diamonds Are Forever Novel

The original names of the henchmen were supposedly Wint & Gore, but Ian Fleming changed Gore to Kidd at the request of his wife's cousin, who was nicknamed "Boofy" Gore. However, the name Gore does occur in some versions of the novel.
Likewise, Kidd's original nickname was "Dolly," and appears as such in early British editions of the book.
When they detonate a helicopter early in the movie, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd say, "If God had wanted man to fly... he would have given him wings." This is ironic, considering that they fly later in the film.
Mr. Wint is played by Bruce Glover, the father of Crispin Glover.
There are now two diamond stores in London trading under the name 'Wint & Kidd'
In the animated series Codename: Kids Next Door, two of the KNDs enemies are named Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb, and when they are talking to each other, they end sentences with Mr (the others last name) like in the movie.
Some fans have claimed that Kane & Lynch from the video game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men are based upon these two
In an Alternate Version found on a documentary on the Diamonds Are Forever DVD, instead of placing the Scorpion down the back of the doctor, Wint jams the scorpion into his mouth. The Censors found this too shocking and requested the scene to be changed. Trivia
In both the novel and movie, Michael (Shady) Tree was the link in the "Pipeline" who received the Diamonds once they were in America. His fate is unrevealed in the novel; he was based in New York and acted as a 'frontman'. He is a red-haired hunchback and deals with most of the 'small fry' henchmen. In the movie, he was killed by Wint and Kidd. Man: "We need Tree alive." Kidd: "That is most annoying." The man walks into Tree's dressing room to find him dead. In a deleted scene, it is revealed that he was killed with a gun disguised as a toy gun that had a "bang" sign pop out, this can be found on the ultimate edition DVD.

Shady Tree
"Critics and material I don't need. I haven't changed my act in forty years!" "How do you like me now? Some say I have the body of Rock Hudson."

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