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Eintracht Frankfurt is a German sports club, based in Frankfurt, Hesse that is best known for its football team.

The origins of the side go back to a pair of football clubs founded in 1899: Frankfurter Fußball-Club Viktoria von 1899 – regarded as the "original" football side in the club's history – and Frankfurter Fußball-Club Kickers von 1899. These two teams merged in May of 1911 to become Frankfurter FV (Kickers-Viktoria), which in turn joined the gymnastics club Frankfurter Turngemeinde von 1861 to form TuS Eintracht Frankfurt von 1861 in 1920.

Club origins
At the time, sports in Germany was dominated by nationalistic gymnastics organizations, and under pressure from that sport's governing authority, the gymnasts and footballers went their separate ways again in 1927, as Turngemeinde Eintracht Frankfurt von 1861 and Sportgemeinde Eintracht Frankfurt (FFV) von 1899.
Through the late 20's and into the 30's Eintracht won a handful of local and regional championships, but never made it very far in the national championship rounds except for 1932 when they became runners-up in the German national championship (the final was lost 0-2 to Bayern Munich). In 1933, German football was re-organized into sixteen Gauligen under the Third Reich and the club played first division football in the Gauliga Südwest, consistently finishing in the upper half of the table and winning their division in 1938.
They picked up where they left off after World War II playing as a solid side in the first division Oberliga Süd, capturing division titles in 1953 and 1959. Their biggest success came on the heels of that second divisional title as they went on to a 5:3 victory over Kickers Offenbach to take the German national title and followed up immediately with an outstanding run in the European Champions Cup. Eintracht lost 3:7 to Real Madrid in an exciting final widely regarded as one of the best football matches ever played.

Pre-Bundesliga history
The side continued to play good football and earned themselves a place as one of the original sixteen teams selected to play in the Bundesliga, Germany's new professional football league, formed in 1963. Eintracht played Bundesliga football for thirty-three seasons finishing in the top half of the table more often than not. Their best Bundesliga performances were five third-place finishes: they ended just two points back of champion VfB Stuttgart in 1991-1992.
They also narrowly avoided relegation on several occasions. In 1984, they defeated MSV Duisburg 6:1 on aggregate, and in 1989 they beat 1. FC Saarbrücken 4:1 on aggregate, in two-game playoffs. Eintracht finally slipped and were relegated to 2.Bundesliga for the 1996-97 season. At the time that they were sent down along with 1. FC Kaiserslautern, these teams were two of only four sides that had been in the Bundesliga since the league's inaugural season.
It looked as though they would be out again in 1998-1999, but they pulled through by beating defending champions Kaiserslautern 5:1 away, while Nürnberg unexpectedly lost at home, to give Eintracht the break they needed to stay up. The following year, in another struggle to avoid relegation, the club was "fined" two points by the DFB (Deutscher Fussball Bund or German Football Association) for financial misdeeds, but pulled through with a win by a late goal over SSV Ulm on the last day of the season. The club was plagued by financial difficulties again in 2004 before once more being relegated.
Since 1997, Eintracht has bounced between the top two divisions and has often kept its fans on edge over whether or not the side would be demoted, but in the 2005-06 season supporters learned earlier than is often the case that the club would stay up, as they finished their Bundesliga season in 14th place, three points clear of relegation.
In the 2006-07 campaign Eintracht secured the Bundesliga spot on the 33rd day again.
As of 2007 Eintracht has over 10 million sympathisers in Germany.

Founding member of the Bundesliga
The club has enjoyed considerable success in competition outside the Bundesliga. Eintracht famously lost the European Cup final to Real Madrid on May 18 1960 at Hampden Park 7-3 in front of 127,621 spectators. It is one of the most talked about European matches of all time, with Di Stéfano scoring 3 and Puskás scoring the other 4 for Real.
They won the German Cup in 1974, 1975, 1981, and 1988, and took the UEFA Cup over another German team – Borussia Mönchengladbach – in 1980. More recently, Eintracht were the losing finalists in the 2006 German Cup. Their opponents in the final, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga champions that year, qualified to participate in the Champions League. As a result Eintracht received the Cup winner's place in the UEFA Cup where they advanced to the group stage.


League results

As of 17th September, 2007.

Current squad

2007/2008 transfers
The players in bold typeface are still active in football.
¹ - Player is currently playing for the club.

Flag of Germany Adolf Bechtold
Flag of Germany Fritz Becker
Flag of Germany Uwe Bein
Flag of Germany Thomas Berthold
Flag of Germany Uwe Bindewald
Flag of Germany Manfred Binz
Flag of Germany Peter Blusch
Flag of Germany Jörg Böhme
Flag of Germany Rudi Bommer
Flag of Germany Ronald Borchers
Flag of Germany Thomas Doll
Flag of Germany Ralf Falkenmayer
Flag of Germany Eckehard Feigenspan
Flag of Germany Maurizio Gaudino
Flag of Germany Jürgen Grabowski
Flag of Germany Rudolf Gramlich
Flag of Germany Horst Heese
Flag of Germany Hermann Höfer
Flag of Germany Bernd Hölzenbein
Flag of Germany Jermaine Jones
Flag of Germany Harald Karger
Flag of Germany Uwe Kliemann
Flag of Germany Andreas Köpke
Flag of Germany Karl-Heinz Körbel
Flag of Germany Heinz-Josef Koitka
Flag of Germany Wolfgang Kraus
Flag of Germany Richard Kress
Flag of Germany Dr. Peter Kunter
Flag of Germany Dieter Lindner
Flag of Germany Werner Lorant
Flag of Germany Joachim Löw
Flag of Germany Friedel Lutz
Flag of Germany Alexander Meier¹
Flag of Germany August Möbs
Flag of Germany Andreas Möller
Flag of Germany Norbert Nachtweih
Flag of Germany Willi Neuberger
Flag of Germany Bernd Nickel
Flag of Germany Jürgen Pahl
Flag of Germany Alfred Pfaff
Flag of Germany Christoph Preuß¹
Flag of Germany Peter Reichel
Flag of Germany Dietmar Roth
Flag of Germany Lothar Schämer
Flag of Germany Fred Schaub
Flag of Germany Bernd Schneider
Flag of Germany Franz Schütz
Flag of Germany Alexander Schur
Flag of Germany Wolfgang Solz
Flag of Germany Uli Stein
Flag of Germany Hans Stubb
Flag of Germany Gert Trinklein
Flag of Germany Ralf Weber
Flag of Germany Hans Weilbächer
Flag of Albania Ervin Skela
Flag of Austria Wilhelm Huberts
Flag of Austria Stefan Lexa
Flag of Austria Bruno Pezzey
Flag of Brazil Chris¹
Flag of Bulgaria Petar Hubtchev
Flag of the People's Republic of China Yang Chen
Flag of Ghana Anthony Yeboah
Flag of Greece Ioannis Amanatidis¹
Flag of Greece Sotirios Kyrgiakos¹
Flag of Hungary Lajos Détári
Flag of Hungary István Sztani
Flag of Iran Mehdi Mahdavikia¹
Flag of Japan Junichi Inamoto¹
Flag of Japan Naohiro Takahara¹
Flag of the Republic of Macedonia Oka Nikolov¹
Flag of the Republic of Macedonia Aleksandar Vasoski¹
Flag of Mexico Aarón Galindo¹
Flag of Nigeria Jay-Jay Okocha
Flag of Norway Jørn Andersen
Flag of Norway Jan Åge Fjørtoft
Flag of Poland Jan Furtok
Flag of Poland Włodzimierz Smolarek
Flag of South Korea Cha Bum-Kun
Flag of South Korea Cha Du-Ri
Flag of Sweden Jan Svensson
Flag of Switzerland Benjamin Huggel
Flag of Switzerland Christoph Spycher¹
Flag of Yugoslavia Fahrudin Jusufi
Flag of Yugoslavia Dragoslav Stepanović Famous players

The following team was voted the greatest ever Eintracht Frankfurt team by supporters.

Flag of Germany Uli Stein
Flag of Austria Bruno Pezzey
Flag of Germany Willi Neuberger
Flag of Germany Karl-Heinz Körbel
Flag of Germany Jürgen Grabowski
Flag of Germany Andreas Möller
Flag of Germany Norbert Nachtweih
Flag of Austria Wilhelm Huberts
Flag of Germany Bernd Nickel
Flag of Germany Bernd Hölzenbein
Flag of Ghana Anthony Yeboah Greatest ever team
World Cup 1954 - Germany
World Cup 1974 - Germany
World Cup 1990 - Germany

Alfred Pfaff
Jürgen Grabowski
Bernd Hölzenbein
Uwe Bein World Cup Winners in Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt Current club staff

1955 Rudolf Gramlich
1970 Albert Zellekens
1973 Achaz von Thümen
1981 Axel Schander
1983 Klaus Gramlich
1988 Joseph Wolf/Matthias Ohms
1996 Dieter Lindner/Hans Joachim Otto
1996 Rolf Heller
2000 Peter Fischer Club Presidents

1919 Flag of Germany Albert Sohn
1921 Flag of Hungary Dori Kürschner
1925 Flag of Wales Maurice Parry
1926 Fritz Egly/Walter Dietrich
1927 Gustav Wieser
1928 Paul Oßwald
1933 Willi Spreng
1935 Paul Oßwald
1939 Otto Boer (caretaker)
1939 Flag of Hungary Péter Szabó
1941 Willi Lindner (caretaker)
1942 Flag of Hungary Péter Szabó (caretaker)
1942 Willi Balles (caretaker)
1945 Willy Pfeiffer (caretaker)
1945 Flag of Germany Sepp Herberger (caretaker)
1946 Flag of Germany Emil Melcher
1947 Willi Treml
1948 Bernhard Kellerhoff
1949 Walter Hollstein
1950 Kurt Windmann
1956 Flag of Austria Adolf Patek
1958 Flag of Germany Paul Oßwald
1964 Flag of Croatia Ivica Horvat
1965 Flag of Hungary Elek Schwartz
1968 Flag of Germany Erich Ribbeck
1973 Flag of Germany Dietrich Weise
1976 Flag of Germany Hans-Dieter Roos
1976 Flag of Hungary Gyula Lóránt
1977 Flag of Germany Jürgen Grabowski (caretaker)
1977 Flag of Germany Dettmar Cramer
1978 Flag of Germany Otto Knefler
1978 Flag of Germany Udo Klug (caretaker)
1979 Flag of Germany Friedel Rausch
1980 Flag of Germany Lothar Buchmann
1982 Flag of Austria Helmut Senekowitsch
1982 Flag of Croatia Branko Zebec
1983 Flag of Germany Klaus Mank (caretaker)
1983 Flag of Germany Dietrich Weise
1986 Flag of Germany Timo Zahnleiter
1987 Flag of Germany Karl-Heinz Feldkamp
1988 Flag of Hungary Pál Csernai
1988 Flag of Germany Jörg Berger
1991 Flag of Serbia Dragoslav Stepanović
1993 Flag of Germany Horst Heese
1993 Flag of Germany Klaus Toppmöller
1994 Flag of Germany Karl-Heinz Körbel (caretaker)
1994 Flag of Germany Jupp Heynckes
1995 Flag of Germany Karl-Heinz Körbel
1996 Flag of Serbia Dragoslav Stepanović
1996 Flag of Germany Rudolf Bommer (caretaker)
1997 Flag of Germany Horst Ehrmantraut
1998 Flag of Germany Bernhard Lippert (caretaker)
1999 Flag of Germany Reinhold Fanz
1999 Flag of Germany Jörg Berger
1999 Flag of Germany Felix Magath
2001 Flag of Germany Rolf Dohmen
2001 Flag of Germany Friedel Rausch
2001 Flag of Switzerland Martin Andermatt
2002 Flag of Germany Armin Kraaz (caretaker)
2002 Flag of Germany Willi Reimann
2004 Flag of Germany Friedhelm Funkel Managers/Head Coaches

Home victory, Bundesliga: 9-1 vs. Rot-Weiss Essen, October 5, 1974
Away victory, Bundesliga: 8-1 . Rot-Weiss Essen, May 7, 1977
Home loss, Bundesliga: 0-7 vs. Karlsruher SC, September 19, 1964
Away loss, Bundesliga: 0-7 vs. 1.FC Köln, October 29, 1983
Highest home attendance: 81,000 vs. FK Pirmasens, May 23, 1959
Highest away attendance: 127,621 vs. Real Madrid, Hampden Park, Glasgow, May 18, 1960
Highest average attendance, season: 47,625, 2006-2007
Most appearances, all competitions total: 718, Karl-Heinz "Charly" Körbel 19721991
Most appearances, Bundesliga: 602, Karl-Heinz "Charly" Körbel 19721991
Most goals scored, total: 201, Bernd Hölzenbein 19671981
Most goals scored, Bundesliga: 160, Bernd Hölzenbein 19671981
Most goals scored, season, Bundesliga: 26, Bernd Hölzenbein, 1976/77 Records

Main article: Commerzbank-Arena Stadium information

Azad - Hip Hop artist
Badesalz - Comedy duo
Böhse Onkelz - Former hard rock band
Jörg Bombach - Radio DJ and presenter (HR3)
Daniel Cohn-Bendit - European politician and leader of the student protesters during the May 1968 riots in France.
DJ Dag - Trance DJ
Joschka Fischer - former foreign minister of Germany
Steffi Jones - FIFA Women's World Cup winner
Roland Koch - Prime minister of Hesse
Mundstuhl - Comedy duo
Petra Roth - Mayor of Frankfurt
Tankard - Metal band
Achim Vandreike - Former magistrate member in Frankfurt
Alexander Waske - Tennis player Notable fans

Predecessor sides FC Viktoria and Frankfurter FC were founding members of the DFB (Deutscher Fussball Bund or German Football Association) in Leipzig in 1900.
Jürgen Friedl, (born February 23, 1959) was the youngest player ever to take to the field in a Bundesliga match at age 17 years, 26 days on August 6, 1975 before being overhauled by Nuri Şahin of Dortmund.
Richard Kress, (born March 6, 1925) is the oldest Bundesliga rookie, making his debut at 38 years, 171 days on the opening day of league play on August 24, 1963. He scored his first Bundesliga goal at 38 years, 248 days.
Eintracht holds the record for most consecutive away games without a win: 32 games from August 20, 1985 to August 25, 1987.
The club also holds the mark for early dismissal of its coach: twenty men have met this fate in Frankfurt.
Besides 1. FC Köln and Bayern Munich, Eintracht is the only club having members in each of Germany's World Cup winning teams. Team trivia

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