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December 2005 issue of The Atlantic Monthly.
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The Atlantic Monthly (also known as The Atlantic) is an American literary/cultural magazine founded in Boston in 1857. Its creators were a group of writers that included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., and James Russell Lowell (who would become its first editor). The current CEO and group publisher is John Fox Sullivan.

Literary history
For all but its recent existence, The Atlantic has been known as a distinctively New England literary magazine (as opposed to Harper's and later The New Yorker, both from New York), and by its third year was published by the famous Boston publishing house of Ticknor and Fields (later to become part of Houghton Mifflin). The magazine was purchased by its then editor, Ellery Sedgwick, during World War I, but remained in Boston.
In 1980, the magazine was acquired by Mortimer Zuckerman, property magnate and founder of Boston Properties, who became its Chairman.
On September 27, 1999, ownership of the magazine was transferred from Zuckerman to David G. Bradley, owner of the beltway news-focused National Journal Group. Although Bradley had promised that no major changes were in store, the magazine's publishers announced in April 2005, that the editorial offices would leave their long-time home at 77 North Washington St. in Boston to join the company's advertising and circulation divisions in Washington, D.C. apparently due to the high cost of Boston real estate.

Atlantic MonthlyAtlantic Monthly Trivia

James Russell Lowell, 1857–1861
James Thomas Fields, 1861–1871
William Dean Howells, 1871–1881
Thomas Bailey Aldrich, 1881–1890
Horace Elisha Scudder, 1890–1898
Walter Hines Page, 1898–1899
Bliss Perry, 1899–1909
Ellery Sedgwick, 1909–1938
Edward A. Weeks, 1938–1966
Robert Manning, 1966–1980
William Whitworth, 1980–1999
Michael Kelly, 1999–2002
Cullen Murphy, interim editor, never named editor-in-chief, 2002–2006
James Bennet, 2006—

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