Friday, March 21, 2008

G4techTV Canada is a Canadian English language category 1 digital cable specialty channel co-owned by Rogers Media and G4 Media [1]. Its programming is devoted to the technology genre including computers, internet, video games and more.

As a category 1 television service, it is mandatory for all digital cable and direct broadcast satellite providers in Canada to carry the channel that have the capacity to do so.
G4techTV Canada is also broadcasted internationally in the Barbados market. The government-owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation in Barbados switched from providing the American-based feed, in favour of the Canadian-based feed for its cable television network known as Multi-Choice TV.

G4techTV Canada Distribution
Although G4techTV Canada airs a large amount of G4 shows such as Attack of the Show!, Cinematech, X-Play and more; its schedule largely differs from its American counterpart due to the fact that G4 has shifted towards a male orientated programming direction with less of an emphasis on gaming and technology and more on male general interests.
G4techTV Canada was the final home to Call for Help with Leo Laporte. The taping location was moved to the Rogers Media studios in Toronto, Canada after the show was cancelled in the United States as a result of the merger. In early 2007, Call for Help Production was outsourced to Greedy Productions in Vancouver, Canada and the show was renamed The Lab with Leo Laporte.
Until 2006, the station was not allowed to by its license to broadcast dramatic programming. This changed in September 2006, and G4techTV can now send a limited amount of drama, such as anime.



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