Tuesday, August 28, 2007

List of Microsoft software applications
The following is an incomplete list of Microsoft software applications.

Operating Systems
For a more detailed list, see: Discontinued Microsoft software

Internet Explorer
Windows Mail
Outlook Express
Microsoft Mail
Outlook Web Access
Windows Messenger
Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Writer
MSN Messenger
Microsoft Messenger for Mac
MSN Internet Access
MSN Explorer
Microsoft Works
Microsoft Office, including:

  • Core - Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint
    Others - Access, InfoPath, Publisher, FrontPage, Visio, Microsoft Imager replaced with Photo Editor (now replaced with Picture Manager), Microsoft Project, OneNote, Communicator, Assistant, Student, Producer, ...
    Mac - Entourage
    Discontinued - Binder, Schedule Plus, Mail, Imager, PhotoDraw
    Office web services - Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office Update
    Office companion servers - Live Communications Server, Project Server, SharePoint Portal Server.
    Microsoft Expression

    • Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer
      Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer
      Microsoft Expression Web
      Microsoft Calculator
      Microsoft Paint
      Microsoft Chart
      Microsoft Reader
      Microsoft PowerToys
      Windows Defender

      • Encarta Premium 2007
        Student with Encarta Premium 2007
        Windows Media Player
        Windows Movie Maker
        Microsoft Agent
        Microsoft Digital Image
        3D Movie Maker
        Microsoft Money
        Groove (software)
        Microsoft Max
        Microsoft Plus!
        Virtual PC
        Internet Explorer for Mac
        Microsoft Anti-Virus (replaced by OneCare)
        Microsoft Bob
        Microsoft Comic Chat
        Microsoft Music Producer
        Office Assistant (still available on demand in Office 2003 but banished from Office 2007)
        Imager (replaced by Photo Editor, which itself was replaced by Office Picture Manager)
        Microsoft Picture It! (replaced by Microsoft Digital Image)
        Microsoft Binder
        Microsoft Liquid Motion (a supposed early competitor to Adobe Flash)
        Microsoft Vizact 2000 — possibly to be partially resurrected in the Microsoft Expression family
        Schedule Plus — now incorporated partially into Microsoft Outlook and to be resurrected in Windows Calendar
        Mail — replaced with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Entourage (Mac), and to be resurrected in Windows Mail
        Microsoft PhotoDraw List of Microsoft software applications End user

        Microsoft Macro Assembler
        Microsoft Pascal
        Microsoft BASICA
        Microsoft BASIC
        Visual FoxPro (no longer part of Visual Studio)
        Visual SourceSafe
        Visual Studio
        Visual Basic
        Visual Basic .NET
        Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger
        Visual J++ (discontinued)
        Visual C++
        Visual J#
        Visual C#
        Visual Studio .NET
        Visual Studio 2005
        Visual Studio 2005 Express

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