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The interior consists of many different rooms, all painstakingly restored with as much original exhibits as possible after the destruction of the Second World War.
These rooms, which belonged to the residence of Augustus III, are now host to a number of portraits of the Jagiello family, a royal dynasty originating in Lithuania that reigned in some Central European countries between the 14th and 16th century.
From 16th century onwards, Polish democracy started here. In 1573, amendments to the constituton of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth were written here, with great religious tolerance. Also, during the Deluge in 1652, the liberum veto was established in these rooms, although not carried out until 1669. In 1791, the May Constitution, Europe's first modern codified national constitution as well as the second oldest national constitution in the world, was drafted here. The decorations in the room are replica's of the originals by Giovanni Battista di Quadro.
In these apartments, king Stanisław August Poniatowski lived. They consist of the Canaletto room, in which several painted views of Warsaw are on display. These were not painted by Canaletto, but rather by his nephew, Bernardo Bellotto. Jean-Baptiste Pillement worked between 1765-1767 on one of his largest projects, the wallpaper. Domenico Merlini designed the adjacent Royal Chapel in 1776. Nowadays, the heart of Tadeusz Kosciuszko is kept here in an urn. The Audience Rooms are also designed by Merlini, with four paintings by Marcello Bacciarelli on display. Andrzej Grzybowski took care of the restoration of the room, that included many original pieces.
In 1994 Countess Karolina Lanckorońska donated 37 pictures to the Royal Castle. Collection includes two paintings (portraits) by Rembrandt.

The Jagiellonian Rooms
The Houses of Parliament
The Royal Apartments
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Canaletto Room
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